Getting Ready to Say Goodbye to my Dog Friend

23 days ago I found out my dog had bone cancer. My four year old retired racing greyhound. Cancer.

Quickly, I didn’t care to put thought into writing. I didn’t care what was in my Facebook feed. I didn’t care to keep obligations I wasn’t really excited about.

What I did care about were two things – consistently working out so I could have a healthy outlet, and giving my dog the best days possible while I still have him.


He’s gotten fries from the drive through a few times, gourmet treats from the pet store, extra soft blankets to lay on, but most importantly, he’s had my attention.

I can see what I hoped were weeks left with him are most likely just days at this point, and I’m doing my best to savor each day and keep him  happy.


My thoughts regularly drift to what it will be like to not have him in my daily routine, how awful it will be to put his toys away, and how much my heart will hurt when I see anyone walking a dog for a while.


But for now, I’ll stay focused on him.


3 Replies to “Getting Ready to Say Goodbye to my Dog Friend”

  1. So sad. Im sure he knows how much you love him and how awesome you are keep your head up. Thinking of you and your pup


  2. Your are an awesome pet parent! Pets are our lives and give so much to us that most people take for granted! You are doing wonderful things for Nixon. He knows he is loved!


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