Be The Change

There are so many people out there doing wonderful things. Simple things, big things, meaningful things. Feeling like humanity is screwed and people suck? Take some time to look through the links below. You’ll be reminded that there IS good in the world. Lots of it. Sometimes you just have to work harder to find it.

Man’s best friend. No doubt about it.

Some raw human emotion, with a healthy dose of brotherly love.

I cried some happy tears too.

One small act of kindness can make a world of difference.

This little guy absolutely won my heart.

You can’t doubt the good in people after watching this one.

Seeing strangers connect in a meaningful way always gives me the feels. 🙂

This made me cry. Like a baby.

Be kind, be kind be kind. It doesn’t take much, but the impact can be huge.

Beautiful friendships can come in the most unexpected ways.

This sweet young man saved 17 people during Hurricane Harvey. And his humility is astounding! Choose kindness.  xoxo

This sweet homeless man returned an engagement ring that a woman accidentally dropped into his cup when she gave him some change. I got all sorts of feels from this one.


This amazing guy just wants to help strangers. Beautiful.

A beautiful ripple effect happened all because a sweet little boy paid it forward with $20. Our actions matter. This is proof.

NICU grandpa spends his time holding babies in the hospital whose parents can’t be there. So heartwarming!

This is my own news story about being an athlete and a kidney donor to four strangers through my donor chain.

November 2017 Matthew McConaughey helped deliver 4,500 turkeys to all the residents of the Kentucky town that my brother lives in! Much thanks to Wild Turkey for making this happen!

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