Off Course, But Finding My Way Back

Sometimes, even with the best intentions in the world, you realize that you’re off course.

That’s where I found myself this weekend.

I had the long Labor Day weekend that I had laughingly titled ‘My Selfish Weekend.’ I have been working incredibly hard and juggling two jobs along with training for a 50 mile race, so I was spent. I wasn’t going to do anything unless it was a ‘hell yes!’  I read, I took naps, ran a solid 15 miles Saturday morning, I saw a few friends I’d been wanting to connect with, and gave myself time to think.  Lots of it.

It took creating space and time in my schedule to realize I’d been completely skipping two habits I had worked so hard to form over the last couple years. 

1 – Combine training and social life by doing at least one group run every week. 

2 – Try something new at least once a month. 

I did a group run on Saturday August 27th, but before that…. . I can’t even tell you.

planet run

And as for trying something new.  Hmm.  I went stand up paddle boarding for the first time back in… June?  I tried hot yoga for the first time in June too.

How long have I been feeling a baseline of discontentedness?  ….. Since the end of June.  Ding ding ding!

And the light bulb goes off.

light bulb

This morning I decided to take action on this and start intentionally putting these habits back in place.

Thursday night I’m meeting up with my old running group and grabbing dinner with them afterwards.

One thing I’ve always wanted to do was learn orienteering and how to read topographical maps.  Wouldn’t you know it – there’s a class all about that at REI next month!  It felt great just signing up.


I already feel lighter and happier knowing that I’m prioritizing the things that make me happiest, the things that keep me inspired and connected.  Creating and maintaining this blog will a great way for me to keep these habits visible, and hold myself accountable!

Happy Tuesday my friends!

One Reply to “Off Course, But Finding My Way Back”

  1. Learn one new thing a month sounds like something I need to put on my own list! And I really should get back to those once a week group runs. Great post! I’d like to know how the orienterring and map reading class goes. That’s something I’ve been interested in learning myself.

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