New Year, No Goals?

Goals. Long term, short term, any term. I love them. I set them all the time, and I get a smile on my face every time I cross one off my list. It’s what I’ve done ever since I can remember.

My most recent big goal was to run my first 100 miler in April. Well, my foot bones had other plans in mind. With a mix of grace and angst I decided to table this goal and try on the opposite.

No goals.

(pause for reaction)

Yep, none.

I quickly noticed how absolutely uncomfortable I am not having anything big I am striving for – just this weekend I decided at the drop of the hat that I should get my MBA. The idea was mentioned to me and it sounded challenging, but like something I could do and would be beneficial.

The truth is, I have never even given this any thought before. It’s a big time and financial commitment, and I don’t even know if it is the best way to get me where I want to be. (And do I even know exactly where that is? No, I don’t.)

It sounded challenging and significant, so I wanted in immediately. It’s becoming clear that I have a compulsion to always be moving forward, achieving, and jumping head first into everything possible.

Image from this great blog site.

If there was a Goal Setters Anonymous, I would join. And I’d probably strive to be elected president.

So what will I do with no goals for a while? I have a few things in mind.

Embrace the love of running. No set training plan. Running increased miles as my body allows. Seeking out new trails, and re-connecting with my running friends.

Invest in my other interests. I’ve always identified myself as a terrible cook. I’m definitely not awesome, but I’m enjoying it a lot more lately.

Stop rushing everything and everywhere. It’s easy to try and accomplish everything at the speed of light when you have a never-ending to-do list and your goal list posted in three different places. This can allow me time to slow down, even meander. I can probably count how many times I’ve let myself do that before.

Be a running related brand ambassador for the first time!  This gets officially announced tomorrow.  More to come!!

I’m hoping that this hiatus from goal setting will help me experience new things, and allow space to think about that which is really important to me. I want it to help me learn to reign myself in and not commit to everything. To help me choose my steps with focus and purpose, not just for the brief  happiness of crossing something off a list.

Calm, space, and possibility.  Now, that’s my kind of 2017.

A day, years ago, where I let myself meander. I found myself flying a kite on the trail up to Quandary Peak in Colorado.


3 Replies to “New Year, No Goals?”

  1. Blogging has so many amazing opportunities and good for you for taking advantage of them! I have some more opportunities coming up I’m thrilled about as well. Can’t wait to hear yours!

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