Photo Tour of My Favorite Place in the World. Salò, Italy.

The other day I overheard someone talking about their absolute favorite place in the world.

I love this question. I feel like someone’s answer reveals a lot about them and what they value.

And of course, it made me think of my favorite place in the entire world.

Here is a photo tour of my favorite favorite favorite place ever. Happy daydreaming!


The journey to Salò, Italy started in a tiny Fiat 500, beginning in Budoia, Italy, up and over the Dolomite Mountains, around Trento, and then down to Lake Garda (the largest lake in Italy).

Drive to Lake Garda, Italy


My white knuckle driving for 5 hours had worn me out and I was ready for relaxation.

My first walk around the promenade was something I will never forget. Sailboats, flowering trees, and brightly colored buildings were everywhere.

The water, beaches, swans, and mountainous backdrops were all around me. The sounds of Italian conversations, gentle waves, and laughter were constant.

The Church of Santa Maria Annunziata was breathtaking. I started my Italian vacation habit of lighting candles in each church I visited.

You can walk to everything, and I loved all unique things that made up Salò, Italy.

My hotel had an incredible pool. The staff would even come out with trays of chilled towels with fresh wildflowers on them!

And of course the food. I mean come on, you’re in Italy!


Strawberry custard with cake in the middle, with candied pistaccios
I’ve tried doing this at home and it’s just not the same.


Till we meet again Salò! You’re my favorite!

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