Dogs Make Us Better People.  Thanks Nixon <3

One thing that surprises me day after day is the impact my dog had on people. It sounds corny, but really, he did. 

I think about the sweet girl down the street that cried all night long when she found out he was sick, and has since made a bookmark with Nixon’s picture on it that she sleeps with at night. 

I think about the friend who has never met Nixon, but told me that she thinks of him and smiles every time she drives past a Culver’s. 

I think about the sweet, hand-written card I just received from an old high school friend that thanked me for sharing Nixon’s journey on Facebook. 

Those are just a few. All these wonderful people caring about my sweet, goofy Nixon made me take a step back and think about all the ways he made me, and my life better. 
He made me laugh every day.

He taught me how to take myself less seriously.

He showed me how to enjoy the littlest things the most.

He taught me that sometimes I need to sit back and observe, rather than obsess over figuring it out.

He taught me to appreciate cheese again!

He taught me to enjoy the crisp, cold, clear winter nights,

He taught me that it’s fun to run in wild directions, not be linear, and just run for the love of running.

He taught me that it’s okay to prance around and know you are beautiful in your own way.

He taught me that everyone is worth getting excited over.

He taught me that greeting someone with enthusiasm is a powerful thing…. and sometimes hilarious. 

He taught me how impactful it is to make people smile.

He taught me that as long as a dog is around, all the toys will never stay in the toy box. And that’s okay.

He taught me that when he made a mistake, it was always because I made a mistake first.

He showed me that he always wanted me to be happy.

He showed me that every tree needs to be peed on.

He showed me that car rides are meant to be FUN!

He taught me that there’s always a way to make time for being outside.

He taught me that you can make an impact without saying a word.

He showed me joy. 

Thanks ‘Mr Bugs’. You are missed. 

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