It’s Time for a Makeover

It’s time for a makeover.

Of my website.

I’m not a fancy professional by any means when it comes to WordPress and web design, so if you visit my site over the next few weeks you’ll see me tinkering. The layout, the sections, additional content, the works. It will also have a new name!

Here’s the back story.

Summer of 2016 I did a 7 day personal challenge and each day was an ‘assignment’ that put me outside of my comfort zone. Day 7 was the most incredible day. The challenge was to ask at least 7 complete strangers what they thought the meaning of life was.

I was apprehensive of course – that’s a pretty big question to ask a random stranger, but the most amazing thing happened. I was having really insightful, personal conversations with these people! I went on to ask more than 20 people that question that day, and most people also asked me how I’d answer that.

The first time I was asked the words just kind of fell out of my mouth. What is the meaning of life to me?

Leaving it better than I found it. 

So that’s how I’m re-building my website. And that will be the web address.

I want to create a place that people can visit for inspiring, personal content. I want to have links to my favorite resources to create a better life, share uplifting news stories, and also post my favorite macro photography that I love practicing. It’s finally a way for me to bring together the things I love most – writing, photography, sharing resources for personal development, and pointing out the GOOD that is all around us.


I want it to be a very different experience from visiting places like and losing your faith in humanity, or skimming through your Facebook news feed and automatically comparing yourself to all the overly filtered highlights you see of other people’s lives on there.

highlight reel

It will truly be a place you can go and leave feeling better. 


So that’s the plan. I’m really excited to see how it all turns out! If I do it all correctly, all the old links will redirect to the new website. (I’ll definitely be watching some how-to videos before I do that part!)

“Always leave people better than you found them. Hug the hurt. Kiss the broken. Befriend the lost. Love the lonely.”  

Winter close up
This is one of my favorite macro photos I’ve ever taken! Looking forward to being able to share more of it here!


3 Replies to “It’s Time for a Makeover”

  1. Really looking forward to this makeover, Tracey! I’ve been doing some introspective soul searching and this will be a great resource to learn from and share thoughts. See you out on the road, my friend!


      1. Yep, I’ll be there. Looking forward to a nice, easy run and good chat. 😊


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