10 Things I Would Tell My 22 Year Old Self

The people that are the most opinionated about your life are the people who haven’t done shit with theirs. Don’t listen to them.


Traditional paths to success don’t feel right to you…  because they’re not. You wish like hell that you could just do things the way seemingly everyone else is and be happy with that, but that’s not you.


Anything you try to hold on to with a death grip was never meant for you anyway, so just ease up. Relationships, ideas, even goals. Loosen your grasp. Notice when things come into your life with ease and feel natural. Those are the things that are meant for you.

You’ll be happiest doing things your way, and not anyone else’s. 


Relationships don’t make you happy or safe, you do that for yourself. 

Don’t take unsolicited advice from anyone who plays small. If you really want advice from someone go to the dreamers and the doers. Those are your people.


It is okay to outgrow friendships and relationships. The average person meets 80,000 people in their lifetime – you don’t need to bring all of them with you.

Your best traits are your creativity, curiosity, and resourcefulness. When you’re using all three of those at the same time you’ll find joy.


College. You are right about that. Keep going part time and working your three jobs – the skills you are learning in the workplace far exceed the value you’ll get from sitting in the classroom. Anyone who cares about your GPA when you’re 30 is using it as a tool to see how obedient you are.  Do just enough in school to get C’s and get the hell out of there. Embrace this strategy for yourself – it works for you.


Comparing yourself to others is robbing you of your 20’s. No one really knows what they are doing, and those people you are measuring yourself against now will be some of the most miserable people you know in 20 years. Pay attention to your own path and light that thing on fire. You are moving in the right direction.


3 Replies to “10 Things I Would Tell My 22 Year Old Self”

  1. Very reminiscent of my life to date- Some times you just have to let go and follow the path you are meant to follow.

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