Moving with Intention

Deciding to move to Colorado is the most intentional life choice I have ever made. It is a choice to create a life on purpose filled with outdoor adventure, new friends, a minimalist lifestyle, location independence from work, and a true new start that I’ve never had in my adult life.

Packing for a move like this has been more introspective than anticipated.

In the past four years I’ve gotten rid of a good 80% of my possessions, and even now I’m still scaling back. With each box I pack I pause and really take the time to determine if I want to keep these things.

Will I feel joy when I unpack this in my new home? Or will I think to myself ‘why in the hell did I pay for this thing to come 1,000 miles with me?’



I used to have so many books that I had a bedroom I turned into a library. The fiction books were all alphabetized by author, and all the non-fiction books were in order of the Dewey Decimal system.

I calculated that I donated 87.5% of my book collection to the Verona Public Library back in 2015. Hard to part with, but happy I did. 

My Charlie Chaplin books and antiques took up 4 or 5 boxes.

I had homework from high school.

I had my last 15 retired pairs of running shoes.

Thank GOD I have learned that for me, memories are stored in my thoughts, and even in my pictures (most of which are scanned and stored in the cloud rather than in floating around in physical form).

There’s an ease and determination knowing that I’m moving on purpose, moving towards something, and the only things that are coming with me are the things that I am consciously choosing to take along for the ride.

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