It’s Time to Hold The Pen

I’m obsessed with two things. 

1 – Personal growth

2 – Tinkering

These two things go incredibly well together. I’m always working on something, learning about something, and mulling over ideas/goals/dreams/possibilities. 

It’s time I take these things out of my brain and share them. 

Over the years I’ve read books, listened to 1,000’s of podcasts, done courses, anything that seemed like great brain candy at the time to help me get closer to the life that I wanted. This thirst for knowledge and insight has helped me amass a toolbox full of powerful questions, exercises, and guidance on how to get traction in my life! 

A few years back I actually put together a six session course intended for people who were feeling low engagement in their life and/or work to help them gain clarity and start moving in an intentional direction. It was a good course! But I didn’t share it. The whole ‘who am I to help people live better lives? voice spoke up in my head. 

But now, I think to myself,who am I to not share these things and share my journey with intentional living to help other people?’ (My inner voice is slowly becoming less bitchy, less often.) 

Over the coming weeks I will be posting different exercises to help you think a little differently. Let’s start figuring out what really makes you happy, what you want to do with your time on this planet, figure out what really matters to you, and what minor shifts you can start making to see your world through a more optimistic, intentional lens. 

I will also share what I’m working on. Most weeks I choose something specific I’m diving into and treat it like an experiment of sorts. Lately it’s being less attached to my phone and lessening my screen time. I keep these little tinkering projects to myself, but am looking forward to sharing it with people that are growth curious, or even growth obsessed like I am. 

I don’t want your money or an endorsement of any kind. I just want to put some of this back into the world because so so SO often I hear people talking about the same thing.

Who am I? 

I want to do something that matters, but I don’t know what it is. 

How did I end up in this life that I don’t like anything about? 

I don’t know what direction I want to go. 

As I add content to this and share both exercises and my own practices, I’ll be using #holdthepen on social media. Why #holdthepen you ask? Well I’ll tell you! It’s so that we start holding the pen to author our own lives. It signifies us choosing what’s important, how we spend our time, and how we show up in the world. I learned the hard way that when I don’t hold my pen, someone else always will. Others will want things from you, want you to live/be/show up in a certain way that benefits them, not you. And this is all about you. 

When we take care of ourselves and invest in who we really are, we better serve those in our lives in the process. So hold that damn pen. 

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